Mount Vernon Student Technology Assistance Team

About Us

The MV STAT program is an opportunity for Mount Vernon high school students to obtain hands-on, real-world experience with various aspects of technology. Students work through online modules learning various things like: how computers work, networking, how the internet works, building web pages, troubleshooting and fixing Chromebooks, using Adobe softare to make graphics and videos, using blender to make 3D animations, build arduino project and more. The program is set up as a self-paced, exploratory class. The unique part of the program is that students also gain hands-on experience while learning. About 50% of the time is spent working on projects assisting teachers, students and the district technology department. The other 50% is spent learning and exploring.


In 2017 Mount Vernon High School went to a one-to-one format by providing Chromebooks for all students. With our district technology department in another building, it became necessary to have people within our building trained to troubleshoot and repair devices to expedite the process. Fortunately, we found a couple students (Cory Berg and Nolan Meier) who were willing to volunteer their study hall time to help maintain our Chromebooks. The following school year we were able to add one more student (Steven Schisler) to the group, giving us a team of three student helpers.

One year later, we heard about and started looking into a program called GenYes. GenYes has a great program with online training modules and a project tracking system. As we learned more about this program, we realized that it was a great fit for what we were already trying to accomplish with our student helpers. For the 2019-2020 school year, we decided to participate in the GenYes program and worked to recruit additional students. We were able to grow our team to 15 students for that school year.

At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, we began the process of transitioning from the GenYes program to our own in-house program which we decided to call MV STAT (Mount Vernon Student Technology Assistance Team). GenYes was an excellent starting point for us, and we still highly recommend it for any school wanting to implement a program like this. However, after a year of using the GenYes curriculum, we decided to begin creating our own curriculum which tailors the learning opportunities to the unique needs of our district and community. This has also allowed us to give students the opportunity to not only learn from the modules, but to also be a part of creating learning modules for future students.

If you have any questions about our program, you can contact the program advisors (Keith Cawrse - and Ken Wiles - or our building principal, Scott Will -